APAJA was built in 2002 and is a 42 square meter planed log cabin located on a slope opening to the west at Konnevesi's Rääkänniemi.There is a National Board of Forestry's nature reserve beside it. Beautiful views to Lake Konnevesi. Distance to the town of Konnevesi 10 km, Helsinki 330 km, railway 40 km, bus 10 km, restaurant 10 km, store 10 km, horseback riding 13 km. Great opportunities to pick berries and do some fishing.




  • Electricity (lights, heat) and a fireplace
  • cold water from the municipality's network
  • hot water
  • electric stove and oven
  • refridgerator
  • cookware and dishes for 5 people
  • microwave, coffee maker, electric mixer
  • radio and CD player
  • vacuum
  • row boat, 4 life jackets
  • grilling hut; gas grill
  • woodburning grill
  • fish trap
  • garage and wood shed
  • children's swings


    You may rent linens for 10 € per person


Apaja cabin's downstairs constitutes a combined livingroom and kitchen, a bed-recess with a bunk bed, sauna, and a washroom with a shower. Spacious furnished outside terrace.

In the upstairs loft, there's a bed-recess with 3 beds, a vestibule and a balcony.

Outside toilet.

40 meters to the shore. The water is deep from the dock, and there's also a shallow sand-bottom beach nearby.

Closest neighbor is 50 meters away; this is a cabin that is NOT for rent and has occupants only occasionally. In between there's woods, and the cabins have their own beaches and docks.


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 Ask more or reserve in English: Email / gsm: +358 45 673 7008

Finnish only: Email  / gsm: +358 40 541 6942

Reservations also through Lomarengas, the code for Apaja is 7401

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